The School of Oriental and African Studies is the natural ally of Pakistan College of Law. SOAS and PCL have an enhanced institutional link for the past many years. A number of our students have been admitted to SOAS for LL.M and higher degrees. In exchange scholars from SOAS such as Yalmas Ehsan (Turkey), Tania Sheikh (Holland) and others have visited PCL. SOAS's senior faculty member, Dr. Werner F. Menski regularly visits PCL for workshops and certificate courses in Comparative Jurisprudence and Family Law areas. Likewise, PCL faculty members also pay return visits to SOAS.

The School of Oriental and African Studies is unique. It is the only higher education institution in the UK specializing in the study of Asia and Africa. The Schools' ranking in the most recent independent assessment of the quality of research activities in UK universities put it amongst the top research universities in the United Kingdom.

The School is part of the University of London  International Programmes and was formed in 1916 as the School of Oriental Studies. It took its present title in 1938, by which time it had also established itself as a center of African studies.