The B.A-LL.B programme offered by Pakistan College of Law aims to give grounding to students in the principles of law and humanities. The B.A-LL.B programme not only provides for social science subjects but also allows students to examine the role played by law within social, political and economic contexts. The emphasis is on principle and technique, reasoning and explanation. It is intended to give the B.A students of the College an opportunity to obtain advanced training in order to cultivate their capacity for independent research and critical judgment required in research and writing. Have a certain level of understanding for law the students after completing their B.A will be eligible to transfer onto the LL.B programme of the College.


Candidates for B.A programme shall be required to do "English Language" and "Islamiyat/ Ethics and Pakistan Studies" as compulsory subjects, which carry 200 marks and 100 marks, respectively and two elective subjects, carrying 200 marks each. In addition there shall be one optional subject carrying 100 marks.

Compulsory subjects

1. English Compulsory
2. Islamic Studies & Pakistan Studies

Elective/ optional subjects

1. Economics
2. English Literature
3. History
4. Journalism
5. Political Science
6. Philosophy
7. Psychology
8. Sociology

In the second year of the Programme the students shall be offered the following foundational courses in law. These will aim to familiarize the student with the main legal concepts they will come to study at a greater depth when starting the LL.B Programme. The foundational topics will also assist the B.A students to understand the impact of Law on society, which will assist them to develop a holistic approach during their legal studies.

Legal Foundational Courses for B.A Programme
  • Law and its nature
  • What does Law do: Dispute Resolution, Balancing interests, Protection of Rights and Liberty etc.
  • Kinds of Law: Physical; Natural; Moral; Customary; International; Civil; Equity etc.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Law Relationship between Law and other Social Sciences
  • Law and Morality Sources of Law: Legislation; Custom; Precedents etc.
  • The concept of Right and Duties; Immunity; Liberty and Power Criminal Law: The concept of Crime and Punishment
  • The Law of Torts: The concept of Duty of Care and Breach of Duty
  • The Law of Contract: The concept of Agreement and Consideration
  • Constitutional Law
  • Legal System of Pakistan