It is now widely recognized that the coalition of academic legal education with the practical tasks of vocational training requires specialist approaches to teaching and learning which are beyond the compass of general educational strategies. Hence, PCL has developed a most advance advocacy and skills training programme. This programme trains students to deal with the issues that arise in a trial practice. Along with final year students, this course is also available for practicing advocates as a part of PCL's Continuing Legal Education Project. Students and participants of this course are expected to develop their abilities to:

  • Conduct direct and cross-examination
  • Give opening and closing statements
  • Introduce exhibits and use demonstrative evidence
  • Make and meet objections
  • Impeach and rehabilitate witnesses
  • Prepare for trial
  • Conduct a trial

A separate course has been designed to deal with the area of 'drafting', in which students are guided to improve their writing skills and are taught through various class-room exercises.
These courses on Advocacy, Skills Training and Drafting are intensive, highly participatory training courses which employ progressive and state of the art techniques. Numerous small group sessions allow students and participants to practice their skills in simulated courtroom settings, learn from colleagues and tailor their training to their learning needs.