The publication cell of PCL is working on several projects. Since research is the basis upon which any educational institution earns its reputation, PCL can proudly claim that it is a unique law institution within Pakistan that focuses its energies towards conducting legal research. The result of such continuous efforts has been several publications coming out of PCL.

Pakistan Law Review

The Pakistan Law Review, which is the only Law Journal in Pakistan that meets international standards for such publications. It is valuable reference on various legal aspects concerning Pakistan and a source of thoroughly researched articles. The Review consists of work by professional academics and legal experts whose writings are chosen for their quality and substance.

The inauguration of the second volume of the Review took place under the support and presence of the Chief Justice of Pakistan. It was highly successful event that consisted of reviews being read of the articles by the Chief Justice and Dr. Nomita Aggarwal, Dean Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. The Review has received much international support and its quality is evidenced from the fact that it is being subscribed to by the Library of Congress, USA, as a source of research material they will be distributing to American Universities. The President of India, his Excellency Mr. Abdul Kalam has also lent his support for such research work, which is a rare privilege given to any Pakistani publication.

plr   plr   Pakistan Law Review
Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Iftikhar. M. Chaudhry:

“In all my experience it's the first journal, which I've seen other than those containing legal judgements… ……seeing it I was impressed that it's a journal containing research work……..I was amazed to see the work that has been done by the researchers who by the depth of their knowledge and dedication had produced an admirable piece of work”

The letter of appreciation for Pakistan Law Review by his Excellency President of India, Mr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam saying :

“I found all the six articles and essays contained therein to be highly informative and topical.”


It is a established fact that there is a dearth of legal text books on Pakistani law in the market. Those that do exist are in the form of commentary books, which most certainly are not a replacement for text books that provide an in-depth analysis of a subject. In recognition of this PCL took on the responsibility as the only legal education provider to publish books on the laws of Pakistan.

PCL Research and Publication Unit is very active in not only producing the Pakistan Law Review, but also in the area of writing and publishing of legal books on Pakistani laws. In line with this a detailed new study of Muslim family laws titled 'Muslim Family Law' was launched in Pakistan on 19 April 1999. The book is the work of internationally renowned scholar, Dr Werner Menski of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. It was researched and authored completely through the assistance provided by PCL and published by Sweet and Maxwell in London.

The British Council Lahore and Pakistan College of Law, Lahore jointly organized the book launching ceremony. Honorable judges of the Lahore High Court, eminent lawyers, law professors, educationists, journalists and law students attended the function. This well cited text book is essential reading for any law student and PCL is proud of its achievement in this regards.

Muslim Family Law     Books

A Law College must provide its student body with the opportunity to express them selves in writing. PCL student body publishes a News Letter containing useful articles, skits and other information relevant to the needs of the PCL students. It is solely a student venture that allows them to communicate with each other and disperse such information that the students will appreciate. The News Letter has an editorial board to which the students submit there contributions and those meeting the standards of the editorial board make it into the News Letter. It is the voice of the students and the College provides every assistance to the students' endeavors in this regards.