PCL Campus
    College Lawn

PCL provides facilities that specifically take into consideration the objective of providing education of Law. The campus consists of an Academic Block that is separate from the Administration Block, which is situated at the front of the College. The reception at the front provides the first contact the students will have with the College. It is here that the students and visitors will be able to obtain assistance from our capable staff. The Administrative Block is also the location of the Faculties' offices, where students obtain easy access to their teachers regarding any matter of concern.

The Academic Block of PCL, overlooking beautiful greenery is located in the rear of the College. It accommodates a growing number of students by providing to them several spacious, modern lecture halls, tutorial rooms and a conference hall. Every room is bright, air-conditioned, heated during the winter and furnished with comfortable modern seating. Tutorial rooms are provided with a seminar style seating arrangement, which creates an environment that encourages discussion during class.

PCL campus also provides to students a recreation area above the Administrative Block, which is used as a common room and where the students can comfortably wait in between classes. Its an area the College shall be further developing and the students are to be in charge of maintaining its environment. The students are also provided with comfortable indoor seating areas around the Administrative Block, which are for the purpose of holding discussions with faculty regarding any issues concerning them. The lush green lawns are an another area which the students use for relaxation and socialising with their peers as well as for the setting up annual formal College functions.

The students are provided with an on campus book shop and photocopying facility. The College book shop caters to the need of students for law books and can order for them any books they may require for their course.

PCL campus is a community, interacting with each other in a compact environment and working together towards the betterment of Legal education. The Faculty, Staff and Students work together to form affiliations with each other and develop pride towards the institution where they all obtained a greater understanding of Law. The Campus provides an environment that generates a feeling of pride and a sense of achievement, which should remain with the students in the future.

PCL Law Library

PCL Library is the pride of the College. It's a spacious area above the Administrative Block, which has the largest collection of books on law to be found in any private legal institution. At the moment, the total number of books in the PCL Law Library is more than 12,000. Along with separate study areas for female students, the Library can accommodate more than 100 students at one time. It provides comfortable seating and a very conducive atmosphere for private study. The Library also provides access to computers and internet facility for the purpose of research. The College consistently subscribes to the latest law journals along with acquiring the latest text book editions for its Library.

Foreign Journals and Reports include

All England Law Reports
A.I.R. Manual (Indian)
Columbia Law Review
Stanford Law Review
Yale Law Journal
Journal of International Law and Politics
American Journal of International Law
Harvard International Law Journal
The George Washington International Review

Reference Collection includes

Corpus Juris Secundum
Halsbury's Statutes
Halsbury's Law of England
American Jurisprudence
Word & Phrases

Internet Research Facilities available